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oh CRAP!
i’m feeling so hungry tonight!!!
i feel like fire burning inside my stomach, and i hear it screams ‘OH MY GOD! I NEED SOME FOODS! I NEED SOME!”
and i can’t just stand ignoring it…
so i made a bowl of baby’s porridge, hehe
sounds silly, but it ‘s good πŸ™‚ with it’s BANANA flavor
YEAY! i love using ‘BANANA’ word!
just like what GWEN said: B! A~N~A~N~A!
and then i’ll continue my supper with make some super duper hot noodles that i bought from a minimarket near by the dvd shop,,



hey guys πŸ™‚
akhirnya hari-hari ‘agak’ slow datang juga~
setelah kemaren2 bersibuk2 ria dengan waktu yang mepet, dan akhirnya tibalah hari SABTU,,
yeah, of course Saturday is the most lovable day on earth! πŸ˜€
the day was fun, and the nite even more more fun!!!!
akhirnya kostumnya gw pake juga hehe, ini dia gambarnya

my costume

dan kehidupan studio pun dimulai kembali~sigh.


would this semester give some good lucks for me?~ i dont know…
here are some college’s sick things those make me feel DARN stupid sometimes~sigh…
i mean, what sould i do with these things?
so many works to do with less time to do it, ugh!
that pic above was my surface design’s image work, i do not think that it was myself about this image work…
so i was not quite sure satisfied with it 😦
so, i’m planning to change the image for the next work, hehe
and then there are 2 more jobs to do…
first, silk painting sketch for Captain John’s class,
and some works for Fancy Nite’s costumes…

here still in bogor,
surrounded by families, and my old fellas…
i spend my days mostly for surfing on the net for hours or going to the church for easter ceremonies,,
about this town, it has a brand new thing~
a new shopping place nearby the railway, complete with its playing zone that called ‘AMAZONE’ lol,,
not so interesting for me, but~ it’s ok for keeping the crowd of this lil’ town…haha
enough for this town, the fun is~rain doesn’t fall for these couple days :)~ sun brights along the day, hehe
i have no plenty of times to hang out, cause i do realize that i need more time with my family, so i decided to stay at home and spend my days with them πŸ™‚
tommorow, i’ll be back to Bandung..
hope the excitement is still exist, hehe
see u again, Bogor
love u Mom, Dad, Enad, Eno, Uti πŸ™‚

mag's cover and editorial page

fresh from my brain, i newly remember, these awesome magazine ever!
i also read NYLON for real, but if i’m online, i used to check it for hours..
cause for me, it has a lot of cool things to be digged off. hehe
it also has an awesome layout! for online magazine’s layout, i give it score 9~ almost perpect, hehe
so, if u guys search for cool fashion literature, cool music source, and culture news, this one is the right answer,,
so, click the link: to check it out

fashion heal

it seems finally Denok made her decision.
kemaren doi cerita lagi ke gw, haha
setelah beberapa lama si Dengklok ‘invisible’ dari doi, kemaren udah ‘appear online’ lagi.
trus mulai deh tuh, percakapan mereka di YM di-copy-paste ke gw
dan menurut gw sepanjang percakapan yang terjadi, banyak banget GOMBAL2an yang terjadi~
silly banget~ sayangnya gw ga bisa masukin copy-an tersebut ke sini, soalnya itu menyangkut privasi banyak orang, hehe
yah, at least sekarang Denok udah nemu satu jalan,
yang engga bercabang,,
ya walaupun dia sebagai orang ketiga, tapi dia tetap nyantei aja kok
haha, she’s kind of cool BIATCH~
begonya lagi, Denok kan mau pindah kosan, trus sama Dengklok mau dibantuin nyari kosan, haha, tapi nyari kosannya di kosan cewe’nya~
how stupid!

this is Hussein Chalayan~
the most talented, creative, and brilliant designer of the year! YEAY!

~the man

he was born in Nicosia, 1970 and graduated from the Turkish Maarif College of his hometown,,
he moved with his family to England in 1978, obtaining British citizenship and proceeded to study design in London~
his graduate collection in 1993, titled “The Tangent Flows” in 1993, contained clothes which he had buried in his back yard and dug up again,,
an instant sensation, the whole collection was purchased and displayed in luxury designer store Browns in London,,
he combines art, science, construction, and design into fashion that make his collection looks awesome and brilliant~
when i saw his design at the first time, i said “IS HE OUT OF HIS MIND?!” directly in front of the magazine’s page that showed his self-portrait,,
that dress, above these words, was the dress that can turns into a table,, isn’t it COOL? KEWL!!!
and these dress beneath, i pick them up cause they are my favorite designs of all. Β the right one, it shines and some parts of it can reflect the lights,,so brilliant! RITE??


newly hair cut

back again here with me and my newly hair cut,,

my hairs grow up so fast, sometimes i feel a lil bit uncomfortable with it when it comes to get thicker and heavier, thu~
and finally, today, i decided to cut it with a new refreshment hair cut~LOL :D~
i cut the back, and shaved the left and right sides,
and VOILA!~here’s the result! :p

anyway, i’m planning to go home today,
i mean, go back to my ‘homely’ home πŸ™‚
it’s in Bogor, there lives my family~my Dad, Mom, my brothers and my little sister…
i miss them a lot, cause i haven’t seen them for about 2 months, GOSH~
it takes 3 hours from here by bus,
and i’ll take a bus at 12 o’clock.
i’ll be there for 4 days, quite enough to spend my times with my lovely family, hehe
so, let’s hear what is ON in Bogor, guys πŸ™‚
have a nice day!!!!


reminding the first season of PROJECT RUNWAY show,
started their show with 12 contestants, and ended up with 3 finalists…
they were Jay McCarroll, Kara Saun, and Wendy Pepper…
Gosh! these 12 talented designers were so lucky to be there~
and i remember, there was Austin Scarlett when i see the first chapter, made that awesome corn dress,
unfortunately, the dress withered before the show caused by some reason, but it’s all right, i still love his design.
he said, “I want to bring the beauty back to the world.”
that quote~for me~works like a magic spell.
with his feminine style, glamorous design, and elegant persona, i think he has found the way to bring the beauty back to this planet, YEAY!

S*** man!
hujan lagi hujan lagi
lagi-lagi hujan lagi-lagi hujan
makin males berangkat kuliah dah!
aneh banget…
rasanya ada suara gini:
“~ayo Ben~ga usah kuliah~dingin2 gini enaknya selimutan di kosan~
bener jg sih
enaknya selimutan d kosan

air empang depan kosan pun makin meluap…
selalu membuat hati was-was takut kebanjiran…
oh GOD, i miss those sunny funny days πŸ™‚

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