newly hair cut

back again here with me and my newly hair cut,,

my hairs grow up so fast, sometimes i feel a lil bit uncomfortable with it when it comes to get thicker and heavier, thu~
and finally, today, i decided to cut it with a new refreshment hair cut~LOL :D~
i cut the back, and shaved the left and right sides,
and VOILA!~here’s the result! :p

anyway, i’m planning to go home today,
i mean, go back to my ‘homely’ home 🙂
it’s in Bogor, there lives my family~my Dad, Mom, my brothers and my little sister…
i miss them a lot, cause i haven’t seen them for about 2 months, GOSH~
it takes 3 hours from here by bus,
and i’ll take a bus at 12 o’clock.
i’ll be there for 4 days, quite enough to spend my times with my lovely family, hehe
so, let’s hear what is ON in Bogor, guys 🙂
have a nice day!!!!