this is Hussein Chalayan~
the most talented, creative, and brilliant designer of the year! YEAY!

~the man

he was born in Nicosia, 1970 and graduated from the Turkish Maarif College of his hometown,,
he moved with his family to England in 1978, obtaining British citizenship and proceeded to study design in London~
his graduate collection in 1993, titled “The Tangent Flows” in 1993, contained clothes which he had buried in his back yard and dug up again,,
an instant sensation, the whole collection was purchased and displayed in luxury designer store Browns in London,,
he combines art, science, construction, and design into fashion that make his collection looks awesome and brilliant~
when i saw his design at the first time, i said “IS HE OUT OF HIS MIND?!” directly in front of the magazine’s page that showed his self-portrait,,
that dress, above these words, was the dress that can turns into a table,, isn’t it COOL? KEWL!!!
and these dress beneath, i pick them up cause they are my favorite designs of all.  the right one, it shines and some parts of it can reflect the lights,,so brilliant! RITE??