here still in bogor,
surrounded by families, and my old fellas…
i spend my days mostly for surfing on the net for hours or going to the church for easter ceremonies,,
about this town, it has a brand new thing~
a new shopping place nearby the railway, complete with its playing zone that called ‘AMAZONE’ lol,,
not so interesting for me, but~ it’s ok for keeping the crowd of this lil’ town…haha
enough for this town, the fun is~rain doesn’t fall for these couple days :)~ sun brights along the day, hehe
i have no plenty of times to hang out, cause i do realize that i need more time with my family, so i decided to stay at home and spend my days with them 🙂
tommorow, i’ll be back to Bandung..
hope the excitement is still exist, hehe
see u again, Bogor
love u Mom, Dad, Enad, Eno, Uti 🙂