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hey folks!!
GOSH, glad to be back again in here! 🙂
my ‘silk-painting-to-die’ work has been keeping me busy this week>.<
may be u should know a lil' bit bout this thing…


they are my friends for silk painting 🙂
actually i love to paint with bright colors, and practically i use magenta, lime yellow, cobalt blue, and red carmine.
haha, get ur eyes ready for a hit :p


the first thing to do is gutta-ing,
gutta is used for guide of paint’s object, with this magical thing the color won’t be able to pass through the object’s line, aha!

and the last but not least is coloring!



i’ve been busy with these crazy things around me…
please call 911!!!!!!
my back! my back! it hurts >.<!!!

well, finally my studio subject reach its highest level that is SIL PAINTING…
i hope it would be worth, cause i had do my hard work on it and spent so much money to bought the silk and the colors~sigh…
i tried to paint on a silk today with my classmates, and it was really fun! hehe
i can’t wait to start this project, but i still don’t get the mood,,
as u know guys, when u’re not in the mood to do something and u push urself to do it, it would end worst~ i don’t want it happen to me…


GOSH! i darn to love this coolest lady!!
her model career is on the top!
and i love his acting career too!!
ARRRGHHHHH!!! i really love her!
me and my friends gonna attend an event today that rumor says that she will be there, at the first time i heard that rumors, i feel my heart jumping, like DUM DUM DUM!!! hahaha
but i canceled to join that event this morning, for some reasons of course…
i said to myself: ‘ARE U MAD, BEN?! IT’S UR ONLY CHANCE TO MEET HER!!!’ and i realize how dumb i was.
may be not this time 😦
but i still really want to see her…
i just can say, DAMN! I LOVE U FAAAAAAAAAA


surface design

these are my latest works for surface design subject,,
haha, after some refusal from my teacher, finally they got accepted,, GOSH! thank u so much Mrs. Fifi 🙂
the next project is designing product and applying these things for the product’s surface, i love this part!! hihihi
i’m thinking of making a pair of sneakers, but i also want to make some fashion clothes… still confusing, hehe
so, let’s start the next work!
working with some friends while listening to some good music souns good 🙂
for my friends, U GO GUYS!! let’s make it happen!! hahay!!

my camera!!

ini dia kamera poket gw 🙂
tadinya ga kayak gini, udah mengalami beberapa fase metamorfosis,,
pertama, luarnya gw cat warna-warni pake cat akrilik, abis itu gw tempel2-in lagi pake stiker2, haha
dan akhirnya gw bosan jg~
gw pun meng-cover luarnya *kembali, kali ini dengan tempelan2 majalah :p
itung2 ngurangin sampah kamar yang mulai menumpuk,,
abis ini, langsung isi roll film, trus foto2 deh, hehe 🙂

me again

well, i can’t say that i’m totally recover.
this unpredictable weather make my health turns from good to bad, good again, and then back to bad… and as a human being, it is not so cool when bad health condition comes into u…
so, these several sunny days really help me turning my mind on, like CLING!
but when the day turn into the night, it became colder and my body back to the bad condition… may be i need some more rest, rite?

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