yesterday, i went to visit my roommate’s town which is take almost an hour from my town. He lives in Bekasi, a city with hot and dry air, almost felt like in a desert, not so like here in Bogor.
in fact, i’ve never been there before, haha.
it was so silly how i could get there, with some stupid things happened along the journey:
like when i just wanna took a bus from here, it was so confusing for taking a bus to someplace that we’ve never been before, so i asked a guy at the bus named: BOGOR-BEKASI (BEKASI TIMUR-TOL CIKAMPEK), “excuse me sir, does the bus will end up at Bekasi’s bus terminal?”
and the guy with his friends answered: “OH! SURE! SURE! SURE IT DOES!!” while pushing me to the one of bus’s chair. ARRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

actually, we spent our times not in Bekasi, we went to Jakarta, to the hippest mall of its, called PIM~haha
we planned to watch TRANSFORMER 2, but we found that the tickets were sold out~ DAMN! finally we end up at SOLARIA ate two plates of fried rice and two glasses of ice lemon tea. the fried rice was a lot, it made my stomach full like i want to throw it up. ugh~
after lunch, we continued our playtime~haha. we still not gave up, so we went to another movie of another mall. BUT STILL WE FOUND IT FULL!!!
so we ended our search for TRANSFORMER 2, and go for another thing. we walked around the mall to find some cool fashion items. and YEAH! YEAH! YEAHZ! i found that hot brown leather jacket wore by a mannequin.
I pulled Ray’s hand to enter the outlet. my eyeballs was searching around the shop for it when i found it hang in the corner of the shop~ so i ran into there and looking and saw its price. DAMN! it costs Rp 4.650.000,-!!!! ARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH
all i could say just: “LET’S GET OUT FROM HERE, RAY~”